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6 Years and going strong...

In 2013 Just me, myself and i, with a big dream stood in my kitchen and wondered what if... I took that leap of faith and registered myself as Dream Bites, a home baker from Bristol and here we are 5 years later wondering how my little oven copes with all our bakes and treats. 

Dream Bites Team
Kelly Fearnley
Chris McGill
Carly Sjamsul

Back in the days...

As a little girl, i loved to bake with my nanny every Saturday. She taught me to Mix and knead until my heart was content and then lick the spoon with all that lovely gooey cake mixture. I loved to bake for other people and watch their faces for kick of satisfaction. I rarely ate them myself, i just loved the feedback from everyone else. 


The kitchen is the heart of the home...

Just with Facebook at my fingertips and supporting family and friends i got stuck right in and have never looked back! In my little kitchen is where all the Dream Bites magic happens! Cake, Cupcakes, Fudges, sweets, gifts... Your one stop shop. 

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